Our divorce coach training program is a comprehensive, easy and natural way to be in the business of divorce coaching or to expand your divorce focused services
– especially if you already know there must be a better way and are committed to changing the impact of divorce on individuals, families and on the children in divorce

Some of the biggest reasons people join our divorce coach training program are:

  • To generate more income by developing a specialty coaching focus;
  • To become a more confident coach by expanding your coaching skills (we say if you can coach someone in divorce you can coach anyone!); or
  • To leverage your own divorce experience to become a trusted champion for individuals in the different phases of the divorce process!

We get results because there are 5 parts of our trademarked CDC Certified Divorce Coach® Program, each an important element which helps you to be successful in providing divorce coaching to your clients and building your divorce coaching business:

1.   Specific Divorce Coaching best practices – coaching practices specifically designed for working in the most challenging of circumstances with individuals who are stressed to the max!

  • Managing the divorce story
  • Reducing the overwhelm
  • Having productive conversations
  • Clarifying goals and decisions in many different areas
  • Redefining self, values, vision


2.    A structure for working with your divorce clients – tools which help people through the challenges they meet at each of the three stages in divorce;

  • Helping them in the “should-I-or-shouldn’t-I” stage
  • Getting organized for the process of divorce
  • Getting clear about their bottom line in the divorce agreement
  • Taking responsibility for the decisions in your divorce
  • Becoming a client who is heard by your lawyer – your ex-spouse
  • Letting go and moving forward
  • Laying foundations for the future

3.    Mistakes people make in divorce and the importance of coaching. Mistakes can have a big impact on their future or represent unnecessary errors;

  • Taking the “My Way or the Highway” approach to negotiating
  • Wanting guarantees and certainty
  • Forgetting who the decision makers are
  • Betting the farm on another relationship
  • Throwing in the towel
  • Not getting advice from enough sources


4.    Business building tools – including materials, PowerPoints, and scripts they can customize and use for marketing;

  • Finding your niche – understanding your client needs
  • Defining what you do – developing a program
  • Becoming the Center of Influence
  • Presentations – Webinars – Teleseminars
  • High Impact Marketing
  • Social media to build your business

5.     A Community of Practice –  it doesn’t end with the completion of the training.

  • Continued access to coach training website
  • Linkedin and Facebook groups for graduates
  • Monthly Forum calls for all graduates – coaching questions, business development tips, sharing resources, getting information.
  • Press release support
  • A registered trademarked Certification that licensed professionals can respect.

Coming to us without coach training?

We include a sixth element if you have never gone through a coach training program –

6. Life Coaching Foundations for non-coaches

  • 11 ICF Core Competencies covered in detail
  • Organizing your coaching practice to serve your client
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Marketing tools

Our schedule and pricing takes into consideration your professional background (including but not limited to life coaching, legal, finance, healthcare, education and mental health).

For coaches the pricing is $1950 for the CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certification.
For non-coaches, pricing starts at $3,875 for the full life-coach training and CDC Certified Divorce Coach® certification.
We offer 10% discount for full payment in advance.

You can participate in the program from anywhere in the world.

The sessions are held by webinar so you can be “in class” in the comfort of your own office or home!    Our classes have had participants from all over the country – California, Louisiana, Michigan, Indiana, Boston, New York and Florida – and from as far away as New Zealand!

Concerned about that “Divorce Conversation” and how it overwhelms everything?

“I was too,”  says Randy Cooper, “until I learned a very natural way to cut through all of that and get the client into action.” This is a key practice we focus on early in the program and you build upon that as we work our way through the mistakes people make in divorce.

“I don’t advocate divorce just like I don’t advocate cancer – but when people are experiencing either one of these two situations, isn’t it nice to know there is a professional that can help them?”


People are already worried about money.  How are they going to afford coaching?

There is a built in economic advantage to being a divorce coach and the clients are motivated buyers of your services.  And divorce coaches help clients with services not provided by attorneys or mediators, therapists and parenting coordinators.


Why does divorce coaching have such positive outcomes with clients?

Clients often do not know where to get the help they need because divorce impacts almost every aspect of a person’s life.  All of those changes and the emotional roller-coaster may jeopardize their health, their job, the relationship with their children, their focus, and their problem-solving and decision-making skills.  A divorce coach is well trained in how to work with many different aspects of divorce, especially the early phases, and to refer clients to carefully selected resources.  One of the things that differentiate a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® is that they know what to do at the beginning of the process not just in the post-divorce transition.

Classes Start early in January, May and September and class size is limited to 12 participants.

Here is what some of our past participants have said:

I recently decided to move to Los Angeles to start my divorce workshops. My book is written and in final editing and I plan to do group workshops based on the book. I am in final design of the workshop and I have a team established – Divorce Attorney, Collaborative Divorce Specialist, and CPA. This program is perfect because I will use the listening and coaching skills I have expanded through this program. This is my “divorce transformation”!
C.N., California

Working with the facilitators and knowing their commitment to our success made all the difference in the world. It allowed us to absorb the information and that information is critical in serving the clients who professionally depend on us and our knowledge.  I am enrolled in a masters program for Mental Health Counseling and I am a member of the American Counseling Association.  I participated in this certification program for the divorce populations and I dove right in and facilitated a divorce and separated support program at my church putting into practice everything that I had learned in this program.
S.G., Florida

I knew that the skills I was learning in the certified divorce coach program would be valuable in working with people in divorce. Some of the approaches to listening and communication have been really eye opening.  But until I worked with the communication skills myself – I didn’t really see the full scope of the training we were getting in the program.
I had a very tough negotiation the other day.  As I sat down with the other person and a negotiator, I thought about the skills we had been practicing and I decided to use them to help me with this challenging situation.  I was amazed at how easy it made the conversation and I got everything I wanted.  I realized at that moment what an impact this course would have on many other parts of my life.
S.W., New York

We also include many components in the program that will help you during and after the course as you build your practice:

  • A 3-ring binder which contains the modules for each week and a place for supplemental materials.  Over 300 pages of material you will use for many years in your coaching practice.
  • Coaching practice during the sessions with good learning feedback – the highlight of the program, say some of our participants!
  • Assignments with a practice partner between each session to deepen your grasp of the new skills.
  • Recordings of each session so you can review each week again and again.
  • Support for you in your client sessions – a sounding board before or after your client sessions.
  • An ongoing Graduate Forum – with a live monthly call and private group for the exchange of information and questions.

Classes Start early in January, May and September and class size is limited to 12 participants.

Who is behind the Certified Divorce Coach Program?  You might want to know more about us – the team of professionals who participate in the training – here is a link to our bios.


The story behind why we created the CDC Certified Divorce Coach© Program

Randy Cooper is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) who has worked with couples in divorce for the past 8 years.  After being certified as a Financial Coach, the light bulb went on for him.  Since a mediator cannot work with individuals he wanted to expand the ability to serve clients in divorce through divorce coaching.

While most people who are coaching people in divorce focus on the post-divorce transition, he could see that the greatest opportunity to make a difference in the outcomes of the divorce process comes at the beginning of the process – helping a client become clearer and more effective in their approach and avoid the biggest mistakes people make in divorce;  while saving money by becoming a better client for the other divorce professionals.

And he enlisted the partnership of Pegotty Cooper, already a coach for 10 years, working with people in difficult situations including job loss, loss of a loved one, uprooting and moving to a new location without a job, and, of course, divorce!

Both of us have seen great results from working with people in divorce and in major life changes.  We knew in our hearts there had to be better way to support people from the first question of “should I or shouldn’t I” to the ongoing restructuring of the family and through their transformation so that the next chapter can start with a clean slate!

We would love to have you join us in our Certified Divorce Coach program.  If you are still unsure about whether this is for you, please click here to arrange for a phone call OR a SKYPE call to get your questions answered so you can make your choice.  The worst place you can be is on the fence because you are stuck in not making a decision to move forward or be happy where you are! Please click on the button below to send an email to us for inquiries and questions.


Pegotty Cooper,
MBA ,CDC®, CTA Certified Coach,

Randy Cooper, MBA, CDC®, CFP®, CDFA, Certified Financial Coach, MBA
Supreme Court of Florida Certified Family Mediator

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