Together we can change the experience of divorce for individuals and for families! Is now the time for you to take action and hit the ground running in 16 weeks?

That is why we are sharing with you these 20-30-minute videos which look at different ways that you as a Divorce Coach can help people through the rough spots in divorce; and create a sustainable practice in the process!  We know you have family, friends, community acquaintances and colleagues whose whole life is impacted by some aspect of divorce. Divorce not only impacts those immediately affected – it has a big ripple effect. Families are torn apart and children are alienated from one of their parents. Or the lifestyle and security enjoyed for so long becomes a time of chaos and hopelessness!   Divorce has a far-reaching impact.

 And we are here to show you that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Leveraging Your Expertise to Become a Divorce Coach

The Divorce Coach is the missing professional in the divorce process, filling in the gaps and adding a different kind of value from other divorce professionals.

Leveraging your experience, your skills, your strengths, and your commitment to transform your practice into one that provides you with the sustainable results and satisfying outcomes.

Turning the Story of Divorce into the Business of Divorce

Helping your client to be more credible through five straightforward strategies which in tandem shift everything.  Your client has the best probability of a favorable outcome and you build your credibility and reputation as well with other divorce professionals.

Helping Your Clients Avoid the Six Biggest Mistakes in Divorce

There is a common thread that runs through the 6 biggest mistakes which are at the root of many of the legal and financial decisions that are made in divorce –

And it is a common thread that divorce coaches are trained to handle!

Our perspectives and beliefs dictate our decisions. Shifting these perspectives and beliefs can open up new options, new choices, and new results.

Getting More Visibility and Referrals for Divorce Coaching The Easy and Natural Way

We are going to show you an easy and natural way to become visible among those who serve people in divorce; and get more clients referred to you in the process.

You will walk away from this webinar with 4 questions sure to get someone’s attention and raise their curiosity about what it is that a Divorce Coach can do for them and their clients!

Now you have 4 new perspectives:

  • Leveraging your expertise, your experience and your professional training to build a new way to serve clients in divorce
  • Helping clients to focus on the business of divorce
  • Understanding when your client is about to go off the cliff with one of the biggest mistakes and
  • Becoming more visible and getting more referrals the easy and natural way.

This is a great foundation – now comes the work of

  • Developing your divorce coaching tool kit
  • Understanding the boundaries between what you do as a divorce coach and what other licensed professionals do, and
  • Practicing the frameworks so that you have the capacity to provide the highest probability of a favorable outcome in coaching your client.

These are the focus of our 16-week Divorce Coaching Intensive

We are currently registering people for the January – April 2018 course:

The Divorce Coaching Intensive has two tracks at the same time with your choice of days and times to accommodate your schedule. Please note that time provided are in US ET, so make adjustments for your time zone if different.


Tuesday 12 – 2:15 pm ET
Tuesday 8 – 10:15 pm ET
Wednesday 7 – 9:15 am ET
Wednesday 3 – 5:15 pm ET


Thursday 12 – 2:15 pm ET
Thursday 8 – 10:15 pm ET
Friday 7 – 9:15 am ET
Friday 3 – 5:15 pm ET

Our course fee is $4400 for both tracks: Divorce Coaching Frameworks and Divorce Coaching Advanced Applications. We offer a professional discount for your related training in family law, mediation, therapy and coaching. Course fees can be reduced by 10% for payment in advance or paid in installments over 10 months.

To Enroll: Arrange for Pre-Enrollment Interview with course leaders. They will then provide you with your customized enrollment form for you to complete and return. Enrollment is limited to 12 participants per class.

BONUS for Requesting and submitting your Enrollment Form before December 15:
Hands-On Business Development Library Access with 8 modules and dozens of templates and examples that you can use to build your personal divorce coaching practice. Worth $397.

Both tracks together are approved for CCEs through the International Coach Federation for a total of 72 hours: 62 core competencies and 10 resource development.

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We are happy answer all of your questions about how the Divorce Coaching Intensive could help you to develop into a sought after personal divorce coach.

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